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File loses ability to open EDS on startup

Question asked by wfgclapp on Apr 24, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 27, 2018 by wfgclapp

I'm not happy with the wording of my question.


I have two files, A & B. (local, not hosted).

B is an EDS of A.

A sets a global variable in Startup script, referencing B and EDS looks to that variable.


This works.


Except when it decides not to.


This is an application in full throes of development and so both files are being worked on constantly, primarily file A.


From time to time, upon opening File A, I will get a message from FM saying, "The file $$myFile could not be opened. (Not Found)". I can then of course, browse for File B and select it to open as EDS, and it does. No problem. The EDS variable ($$myFile) is being set correctly by the Startup script but I can't figure out why File A sometimes won't make the EDS connection by itself.


I have a fix for this problem, but after a day or 3 or so, it will come back. The fix (thanks to philmodjunk) is to make a clone of File A, with no records. Then the connection works again. Until it doesn't...


Has anyone experienced this? Maybe shed some light on what might cause it to happen?


Thanks for any help!