Create a record based on 2 fields

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Hi everyone,

I have just discovered Filemaker and started with an application for a school. I have a problem that may be easy but I can't get through it with my basic knowledge in Filemaker...


Table 1: Courses

Table 2: Teachers

Table 3: Lessons (occurrence of table Courses)


In the table Courses, there are 4 fields:

     c_ID (primary key)


     c_id teacher (foreign key)



I want to create a new lesson based on a teacher and a type of course, so a new record in table Lessons that makes a relationship with table courses based on 2 fields, c_type and c_id teacher, but I don't know exactly how to do it, any recommendation please ? Should I change my table relationships ?


Actually, I use a 4th table (Worked_days) with a portal to table Lessons from where I create the new lessons, could I still do it? From table Work_days create a record in table Lessons based on 2 fields from table Courses?



Screen Shot 2018-04-26 at 00.25.13.png