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Send event script step forgets file paths when FileMaker quits

Question asked by on Apr 24, 2018
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Filemaker advanced Send Event script step forgets about file path window contents after quitting. A Send event script step with file: encode ( the file to run ) performs perfectly while FileMaker is open. You can even close the app and open it again and it runs well. If you quit fileMaker and open it and the app again, the string file:encode is still there, but the script step does not run. You have to select the file again from the specify button and it works. 


We have tried with variables with no avail. Is this a bug? Might it be a syntax question?


Moreover dgst and encode are batch files. If the file has the bat extension dgst.bat or encode.bat  the send event does not work. You delete the extension and everything runs fine.  Bizarre to say the least....