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Public access to Local Solution-Security work arounds?

Question asked by badmonkey842 on Apr 25, 2018
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I was wondering if any of the professional developers have experienced a Solution situation where a "public" webDirect solution needs to work with data contained in a private/government solution.   If so, what methods or approaches are recommended to achieving this connection between solutions.    I know , a very generic  question so  a summary has been added below for those who want or need it.



Background:  Internal FMP solution hosted on internal/local FMS; this solutions contains   Customer Info, Customer Account#'s (contract number not real accounts), etc...      The purpose of the internal solution is to keep track of the work that is contracted out and performed. Mainly in the style of a Account LineItem log (i.e.  CustomerA contract allows for X services and Y qty of that service) However, right now the "requests" from the customers are done in the form of an Excel template and via email.   CustomerA: "I am sending this and need ServiceXYZ done on contractABC". There are obvious  issues involved with method of data entry.  I was hoping a public webDirect FMP solution would resolve most of the issues with better control.  The problem is that our internal IT is avoiding the idea and rather have us put the accountability onto the customer in ensuring they fill out things correctly and/or manually correct all errors


Goal: allow a customer to log in via webdirect and make request using their available service agreements as well as view the invoices for previous requests. The data accessible through this webdirect is somehow pulled/synced with the data stored in an internal solution. However, internal access to needs to remain isolated from the customer Access


Thanks in advance for options,opinions, recommendations, etc...   I can give more details if needed