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Discussion created by TKnTexas55 on Apr 25, 2018
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I am trying to automate the sales tax process (payments to states) within our company.  Currently it is done by downloading selected records that have sales tax.  We pay different states different cycles (monthly, quarterly, semi-annually). 


Here is where I am starting.  I am downloading the records for the prior month (after month end close).  I am treating these as "child" records.  I have a table defining the states we process and the cycle for each, i.e. a-annual, m-monthly, q-quarterly.  Using the key date field I create fields for the Period YYYY.MM (2018.01) and a ReportPeriod (TX.2018M01) for Texas monthly January 2018.  All of my child records are text fields with an auto-enter calculation for when I import from the accounting system.


My problem is the parent table.  Each record represents a report of the taxes to be paid for a reporting period to a state.  We pay Texas monthly.  


When I want to pay Texas, I create a new record.  I enter the date (3/31/2018) to pay for March 2018.  I select Texas in the drop down.  The ReportPeriod is created on the parent record.  There are amount fields that I want to populate on the record.  BUT nothing.


The amount fields are calculation fields to sum via the relation.


What am I overlooking in this?  I would have thought it simple.

I put a portal on the parent record.  Nothing is displayed.


Here is the view from the child table:

The last two fields of the above child-view are the only two currently defined in the parent, which are the first two fields on the parent record.