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combining the AWS FileMaker Cloud host cost with other AWS costs in a single account

Question asked by inhousedeveloper on Apr 25, 2018
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We had some other matters get in the way of our FileMaker project, so we had to put it on hold temporarily. We think we're about ready to get started now, but now we have another question.  First some background: Our project is to upgrade our current solution from FMP 13 to FMP 16, convert our existing annual FileMaker Server 16 license to use FileMaker Cloud on AWS via (BYOL). Also, our company (PRO-ED, Inc.) currently has an existing AWS account that we acquired as part of an acquisition of another company that had developed certain online products. Here's our question: By any chance, might there be an advantage to combining the AWS FileMaker Cloud host cost with our other AWS costs in a single account? If so, how would we go about it? If you are not who we should be asking, can you give me the contact information of who we should ask?  Thank you in advance for your help, Cheri