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Counting Records less than 5000 crashes my Filemaker

Question asked by spudmw on Apr 25, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 25, 2018 by spudmw

I have a dashboard that is connected to about 10 tables that pulls information in to give an overview.  I had 7 portals that pulled information but then it starting to act slow, to non responsive when I started to counted my main table that had around 3K records. 


I was able to create a workaround for counting all of the records by using the ValueCount method, and using a Script, Perform Find and set field for one of the count records that had a certain value.


However, one table I have is to count classes that have a value of 1 for a field, its no more than 10 but with a "Sum" calc field, a summary field, execute sql and portals all crash the dashboard.  The class table contains no more than 800 records. I know the Count method counts and verifies all the records which slows it down.  Doing another perform and find would just slow things even more, is there a faster solution to get the total of the fields that contain that 1 value.  I also did a self-join relationship to that field but it was blank.  I am using Filemaker Pro 13 connected to a server.