2x Script help (Validate Field & Open record in layout)

Discussion created by on Apr 25, 2018
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Hi, im new to this and slowly working things out and hit a hump every now and again and would appreciate some help.

I have 2 scripts i think i need to make and cant work out how.


1. I have a list view called TaskList, i set the field TaskName to a button and open layout Task_User.

The idea is when i click on the name it opens that task in the Task_User layout but its just going to the layout and creating a new record?


2. Validate field.

When i Goto Task_Create it auto makes a new record and assigns the key index Number to it, IF nothing is entered it still creates a blank task with the index number,

How can i make a script that on the layout it allows a new task but wont issue a number until fields TaskName and TaskCategory has content and also press save record button (save record button at the moment just sends to the task list)


Thanks everyone for any help.