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Invoice Master List with Total Amounts

Question asked by carla.campomanes on Apr 26, 2018
Latest reply on May 3, 2018 by philmodjunk

Hello.... Facing a small problem again.


I have made an outgoing invoice system as such:

  • 2 tables: Out_Invoice & Out_Invoice_Line (Out_Invoice is the main body of the invoice and inserted within is a portal field from Out_Invoice_Line which holds all the items to be sold for that invoice)
  • Total amount to be paid per invoice is a field in my Out_Invoice_Line table (summary of my subtotals - subtotals being unit price multiplied by quantity per item)

It's working out well for that purpose but now I have to make a "Master Invoice List" layout which should have the Grand Total of all invoices.


I made the Master Invoice List layout associated to my Out_Invoice table - and somehow I can't get the Grand Total Amount. When I try to make a calculated field on my Out_Invoice Table which (as I would want) should get the total of all total amounts (total amounts from Out_Invoice_Line) in all recorded invoices. But it just keeps on showing me the total amount for the last recorded invoice


Do I have to rearrange my tables, or what do I do???