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Discussion created by GJBDJC on Apr 26, 2018
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I've created what I call temporary global fields for quality test results (see attached photo).  I've done this because tests take a long time and users were leaving fields active while testing and others could not make other changes to the record.  Additionally, the data entries get rather long and scrolling to the bottom of the portal was annoying. So enter your info in the global fields at the top, hit a button, and script adds your test results to the bottom row of the portal, VOILA, everyone is happy!


Here's the challenge, I only have one set of global test results (Test 1 through Test 11).  And we may be testing several products at a time, with several tests per product.  Users cannot leave results for Product1/Test1 and go to Product2, because the Test1 results are still there.  And I don't think I can make the test results Product/Record specific because I will still have the "User is currently editing record" issue.


I'm sure I will need to provide additional info, but initial thoughts?