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SSL Certificate Verification on LAN - PCs Green / Macs Orange

Question asked by tgrondin on Apr 26, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 30, 2018 by tgrondin

I'm having some issues with installing a SSL certificate in an all LAN solution. I work in a large corporation where we have our own internal CA and issue certificates. Every PC and Mac signs into active directory and the root and intermediate certificates are pushed to every computer.


I've done the CSR and submitted it, they've provided me a CER in return. I don't know what or how the CER is generated. I asked for / received a cert chain as well in p7b format. I used openssl to convert that to PEM. Imported all that into my FileMaker 16 server successfully with the CER and intermediate. Restarted service.


I've tried a couple of PCs I have access to, all good green locks. I've tried a couple of Macs and I get this error every time.  Host is invalid and can't be verified. You view the certificate and you can see the root CA is fine and the server certificate is also valid.


Bonjour not in play, it's running but I don't connect with it and the server is in at another location. Server name is the FQDN. Web direct, which isn't utilized is also correct with secure green lock.


I haven't seen any posts like this where it works for some, the PCs but not the Macs. Any suggestions?

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