FMPro & FMGo Card Window Inconsistent Behavior.

Discussion created by bigtom on Apr 26, 2018
Latest reply on May 1, 2018 by TSGal

Version: FMPro 16 and FMGo 16


Card windows in FM Pro 16 lock the parent window. This provides inherent control of the card window environment as intended.


Card windows in FMGo do not lock the parent window and allow the user to exit the card window interface simply by tapping in the parent window space. This creates opportunity for loss of data, orphaned data along with many other possible issues depending on the processes done in the card window. The entire user workflow can be easily disrupted. This makes card windows essentially a popover with independent context and nothing at all like the FM Pro usage. There is no way to lock the user into interacting with the card window in FMGo.


This is an issue and a number of solutions have had to be redesigned over the past year because of this.


Numerous other iOS applications allow overlay/card type windows that lock the user into the card window interface. FMGo should not be an exception to this industry standard capability.