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Importing images to portal

Question asked by ab1970 on Apr 28, 2018

Hi, I’m trying to solve what appears to me to be a simple issue related to image import, but I haven’t been able to find a solution despite searching several forums. Hope someone here may be able to help!


The situation is this:

I’ve got two related tables, one with artworks and one with images of these artworks. Relationship has been setup and I’ve used Guy Stevens’ video about setting an Import Folder of Images button, so I can batch import images into the portal setup on the record of an artwork (with a new record automatically created for each image in images table). I’m also importing File Name and File Path.


However, once I’ve imported a folder of images, I’d like to be able to add additional ones, but not necessarily all images from a folder, but simply one or more images from various locations on my hard drive. I can drag and drop an image into a portal row, but then file path and file name are not imported.


It would be great if I could simply have an Import Image-button within the empty portal row that triggers a script importing what I need.


Or, alternatively, a button outside the portal rows (like the Import Folder-button) which allows me to open a folder and select only the images I want to import.


Does anybody have any solutions to this?


It it would be greatly appreciated! Thanks