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WebDirect : strange things after upgrade FM Server 16

Question asked by LucThomaere on Apr 29, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 30, 2018 by LucThomaere

Server :

Mac Mini quadcore 16GB RAM

Mac OS High Sierra (10.13.4)


After upgrading from Filemaker Server 15 to 16 there is one database that can't be accessed anymore with WebDirect: (Logging in with Filemaker Pro gives no problem)

1) after typing the address (or clicking the link button) the log-in appears to check to what databases the user has access. Name and password are entered.

2) the icon of the database appears. The user clicks on the icon

3) the log-in window appears again, now for the specified database. The user enters the same data. (Everything normal till now)

4) after this the General log-in window appears again and we're back with 1)


No problem with a second database


And with a third database the user couldn't log-in with WebDirect unless he removed a "+" from his password...


After several years working with WebDirect, I've never seen such strange behaviour...