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Validation: Where am I going wrong

Question asked by lourensjoubert on Apr 29, 2018
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Hi Forum Experts,


On 18 June 2015 philmodjunk successfully helped out TimCranwill with the below validation calculation:


(Not Isempty(self) and field2 = "No" ) or Field2 ≠ "No"


For some reason, I cannot make an adaptation of that work as a validation calculation. So as a work around, I've used Phil's guidance successfully in a script that triggers on Record Commit for three different layouts, so the calculation is not the problem. Thank you Phil.


I'd really like to figure out why it would not work in my validation set up. My thinking is that it'd be better to have this validation working at the field level, rather than having to trigger a script every time this field appears on a layout. Or is that reasoning fallacious?


Here's the validation set up… showing the calculation window alongside:

Screen Shot 2018-04-29 at 12.42.53.png

I have also tried this with:

  • Validate… set at Always, and
  • Without the Member of value list ticked.


Many thanks.