Need find script that presents results in given layout

Discussion created by migs on Apr 30, 2018
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Hi friends:

I am a newbie, so the following question should not be viewed as something complicated I'm asking for.  My design is very simple.

I need a button script that stays on a layout even during the filling of the search parameter as well as on the display of the results found.  Right now I have the following two problems:



-My output layout is a list that shows many lines. (Not a table)

-My input layout shows only one product and occurs when I click on any item of the output layout.

I'm using Filemaker Pro 16



1. the moment I click on a field in the output layout the find operation jumps to the input layout and I want it to remain on the output layout so I can enter my search parameters there. ( Next I would click on a single record and then it should go to that record's input layout.)

2. The results of the search are presented in the input layout, not as the output layout as I would like.

Basically what is happening is that Filemaker is deciding for me which layouts to use in its search and it's display of the found records, and I want this control.


Thanks for your help amigos