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connection is busy with results for another command linked SQL and fmp 15 and 16

Question asked by philmee95 on Apr 30, 2018
Latest reply on May 8, 2018 by philmee95

Has anyone else experienced fields from a linked table displaying "[Microsoft][SQL Server Native Client 10.0] Connection is busy with results for another command".


This started with version 15 of Filemaker Pro (or advanced) and continues in FMP 16. The server version does not matter and has been seen since server version 14. I have just finished upgrading FMP server to Our SQL server version is SQL Standard 2014. I also tried having the database hosted on a SQL 2005 box with the same error.


I found that this error could have to do with the SQL odbc driver and enabling MARS (Multiple Active Result Sets) but there is no setting available in the odbc driver for this (MS did not build it in) from what I see and read. the MARS command can be added when called inside filemaker itself programmatically

Using Multiple Active Result Sets (MARS) | Microsoft Docs


I only have 1 file with this issue (and I did a recovery to be sure, and re added and renamed the linked tables) that I have seen and caused me to delay Filemaker upgrades until our SQL server was updated as I read the lowest SQL supported for linked tables was 2008 (server pre reqs). I am pretty sure based on all this lower versions of SQL are still fine as I am fully updated (without needing to run windows 10 anyways and get SQL 2016) and still see the problem.


Also happens when I Open / host the Filemaker File on my computer and not on server.

this 1 file has a Relationship to a fmp table key Field != key Field with linked tables from SQL related to those Filemaker native tables within the file.