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Portal in a Portal Difficulties

Question asked by humphreys on Apr 30, 2018
Latest reply on May 1, 2018 by humphreys

I built this case management system for Filemaker 14 and have since upgraded.  Everything works fine (apart from this new bit I’m trying to add).  I thought it be handy to add a feature which automates the generation of invoices.  The company I previously used to generate my invoices has suspended trading and there are not really any others around that are usable, so I thought this be a great feature to add to a system that I presently use.


A very brief summary of how things are prior to my edits:


1. A case is created and a solicitor is assigned.  A client is also assigned.

2. A solicitor can have many cases, but a case can only have one solicitor.

3. A client can have many cases, but a case can only have one client.

4. Fees are generated at a “case” level in the case table.

4a. I have a portal on the case screen which allows the “Fee Items” to be added.   (I posted a picture as an example)

4b. Essentially, each fee items line include “Date, type, fee amount, travel feel”. 

4c. A tick box is placed by each fee item line that indicates whether an item is paid. 


The case management system kept track of billing and this all worked fine, but it didn’t actually create the invoices sent - that had to be manually done.  The billing aspect of this system was purely for reports.


What I want to do:


5. Add a tab to the solicitor screen labeled “fees”.  (I’ve done this already)

6. In that tab, have a portal that grabs all fee item lines across all cases assigned to that particular solicitor.  From there, I’ll have it generate a PDF based on a layout and create an invoice.  I’ve seen that done in several solutions, but my problem is collating the data into a usable place (I think that’s my problem anyway).


The problem:


What seems to be happening is, I’m grabbing only the first fee item line in each case assigned to the solicitor.  Generally speaking, a case would have more than one “fee item line” in the portal, generating fees - however, the way I’m doing this seems to only grabbing the very first “fee item" per case.   This is weird to me, because the portal in the “cases” screen works fine and shows all the fee item lines from the fee item portal without issue.


I’m sure something is wrong with my relationship table, but I can’t think of what as I thought I have everything connected fine, given that everything else seems to work.


I have also attached a photo of my attempted portal of a portal in the Solicitor’s tab.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.