FM Server Script Engine Hang

Discussion created by on Apr 30, 2018
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We have developed an inventory management solution for our client managing different product lines.

It is a multi-file solution and has access from web i.e. some scripts are called from Web pages.


The client had  requirement to send PDF via mail or open the pdf in the browser. We are using PSOS which generates the PDF at server side and sends it via mail or the pdf is generated and stored in the  server documents folder.


For this specific requirement the client upgraded  to FileMaker server 16 (from FM server 15).  We advised them to shift to FM server 16 rather than create a custom PHP function to meet this requirement.

The script runs properly sometimes and generates/sends the PDF. Sometimes  the script engine hangs and none of the PSOS scripts executes after that. We have not been able to establish any pattern or identify what triggers this hanging.

A search on the Forum ( Links ) suggested we update Java version and also add pause before / after save as pdf on server.    

We implemented these and find that the script engine still hangs after which users are not able to perform any operations relating to perform script on server. Other operations /features continue to work.


Any help would be appreciated!! Thank You.