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Updating all values in portal

Question asked by Cécile on Apr 30, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 30, 2018 by techt

Layout:  Estimate Detail  based on table Estimate

Portal:  object name "PRTL estimate data" based on table Estimate Data

Item: object name "DDWN item in portal"


Here are the fields definition followed by the Portal. the fields in yellow are fields that can be manually modified in the estimate. Here the real item price in the products table is 281. Manually written down to 44. Let's say the approval period is over and that now we want to update that proposal to the current price. Or, that it was an old estimate that we want to use as base for another client so we duplicate it but want to update it so it matches the current values for the item in the product table.


I have tried to do just that by writing a script for the button "Force update". I tried relookup, it does not work, I tried portal refresh, it does not work. I do not know how to approach this.


Field item is presented as a dropdown which value list is based on the products table item field

ATM Category and Solution fields are informative and correspond to the related item.