Auto send to Another layout idle timer

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Hi all.

As some of you was so helpful last time im hoping you can help again.


I have 2 of us that use my db webdirect,

I want to have a script as my friend is annoying always walking off while in a record.,


So i added a 2min timeout script


on key stroke

install timer 120seconds and run script timer_main



Show dialog no ok or cancel dialog   saying  Time out, you have been idle for 2mins and will close in 15secs of you dont press cancel.

Pause script 15 seconds

Goto layout

Halt script.



So my problem and what im trying to do.

The script is working but not quite right,.


It makes the dialog after 2mins , you click ok and 15sec late it changes the layout to main.

then in main 15secs the dialog comes up and tries to send to main but your there already.


I want it so when i enter it runs, then gives 2mins idle time, pop up and you can press cancel and it resets the timer.

or 15secs after the dialog it directs to layout main and stops the script until you go back onto the task page again,


I hope that made sense. Im still learning with scripts and its probably something simple haha