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How to Protect my FM solution

Question asked by wcambris on Apr 30, 2018
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I have been working on other platforms to make solutions for clients. the solutions that I do are mainly technical and  tailor made. I was always interested in moving into FileMaker and did work on several solutions with nice results. What prevented me into offering those solutions to the client is : "HOW TO PROTECT MY SOLUTION FROM PIRACY AND ILLEGAL USAGE?" what I mean by that is how to protect my solution from being copied and used on different computers for free without my approval.

I have seen people proposing to have authentication server or licensing servers, etc. other are suggesting the use of third party solutions that help solve the problem, that is not what I am looking for, all in need is to prevent my solution from being activated indefinitely between computers without the need to internet access or servers. You can copy the solution from one computer to another but it should only work on dedicated or licensed computers.

I kindly ask for detailed steps or approach as I have limited knowledge in FM.

Kindly note that I do understand that no existing solution is bullet proof, everything can be hacked one way or another, still I need to make it as difficult as possible to run the solution illegally. I really can't understand why FM team is not looking at this problem and have a built in solutions incorporated to manage it (Maybe a solution exist and I am not aware of)

Thank you for your support.