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Auto Fill Related Portal based on Conditional Value List

Question asked by tdennis on Apr 30, 2018

Hi! Using Filemaker PRO 16


I’m building a database to track (Assets) and their components(media player, lcd screen, cables, touch overlay etc.)

On the parent table(table 1), I have a conditional value list of fields that dictates the type of asset, size, and category. i.e. LCD Screen, 55’, Double-sided kiosk. I also have the options to select whether it’s indoor vs outdoor and touch capable, which should generate different prices.


I want the portal to automatically populate with the properties of that 55in LCD screen such as dimensions, resolution, interactivity capability and cost after I select it from the dropdown conditional list. Since it is a double-sided kiosk, I would also like to see two duplicate records in the portal. Reason being, one side might be touch capable, which means different cost.


Any ideas?


So far :

Table 1 = Assets (parent Table)

Table 2 = Asset Data (conditional value list) ---

Table 3 = Asset Data Values (also has two table occurrences of this table to accomadate  additional dropdown options)

Table 4 = Screens (Has information for the dimensions, resolution, interactivity etc)