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delete FM Go Local files

Question asked by btsgo on Apr 30, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 29, 2018 by jormond

In my project I need to find out a way to delete all Device files sitting on FM Go in devices.

When the user needs to get the latest version, they will open a simple hosted file, that holds the latest version of my new database in a container field and store it in FM Go under the Device tab.

But before downloading this new file - I need to delete the existing file from device tab in FM Go.

Example : the old file is Test 1 and the new file is Test 2,

I need to delete Test 1 and download Test 2 from script.

I have managed to download Test 2 from the hosted file, but could not delete Test 1 from a script.

Is it possible at all or the only way is to swipe right and delete.


I am running Filemaker Pro Advanced 15 with FM Go 15.