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All Buttons/U.I. stops working, have to restart FMP client

Question asked by user10625 on May 1, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 21, 2018 by user10625

Filemaker Pro 16

Windows 7

Hosted by FMS 16 on Windows.


This is a pretty busy and large database system (30-35 users during the day, 100+ tables,  with records counts varying from several thousand to 100K+  in some larger tables.   800+ layouts,  tons of scripts.)  All users (except sometimes the developers) are on Windows boxes.


I have seen several instances over the last few months where suddenly, the user can't press any buttons, menus are all greyed out,  windows can be switched between, but nothing on any of the windows works, fields can't be entered, etc.  In other words, the whole U.I. engine shuts down.   The only workaround is to force quit and re-start FMP.


I know this can be the result of a paused "hanging" script   . . . but I have checked and this is not the case.  Those instances are usually resolved by hitting enter to "continue" . . and that does not work in this case.  (Plus in those cases you can't click on windows underneath the current window, but in this case you can . . you just can't do anything on the current window or any other windows.)


Another possible culprit would be  New Window with  Dialog (Modal) or Floating Document window.  As far as I know though, that never happens in this system.  I don't really like using the FMP native modal dialogue (I've gotten stuck too many times with it)  . . I prefer to use the old-school  Allow User About (Off) and open a window and pause   (which would be resolved by pressing enter, if that were the issue.)     So this is not the issue.


So unless there are any other gotchas for me to check,  this feels like a weird Windows/FMP bug.  So far, it's pretty sporadic ( 1-3 times a week?  ), which is good for users, but bad for debugging.    If anyone else has seen this, or FMI has noted it, let me know.