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Validating data in a popover before resuming script

Question asked by docroc67 on May 1, 2018
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Hi -

I use a hidden popover to allow on-the-fly data entry of publishers in a database of books.  A user entering a new book, chooses the publisher from a drop-down (which is based on a table), but in some cases, the publisher is new to the database.  So, when they exit the publisher name field, if the publisher is new, they get a custom dialog giving them the option to put the new publisher into the system.  If so, it opens a popover, creates a new publishers record, and fills in the publisher name.


The remaining field -- the only one they need to fill in manually -- is publication place.


* I know how to validate data if they have actually typed something in this field.

* I know how to make my DONE button run a script to check for an empty field.

* I know how to make my Done button do a single-step Resume Script.

but I can't do both.


Is there a way I can ensure that publication place is not empty before resuming the script?


I did try going to the table definition and setting validation so that empty wasn't allowed; problem is, as soon as the new record request gets executed from the script that opens the popover, the system shows the new data record (but in the table's list layout) and insists you enter the publication place.  I assume this is because, once the new record has been created, the system won't allow the next script step because it wants the complete data filled in first.  Right idea, but now the popover and Done button have vanished and the user is looking at the publishers table.


Thanks for any help on this.