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Broken Relationship

Question asked by taryn on May 1, 2018
Latest reply on May 2, 2018 by jbrown

Hello, first I would like to say I have no idea what I'm doing so please be kind, second I'm tryin to help my family with a small business and we use filmmaker, that my dad had built, and left no instructions for, he has just recently and unexpectedly passed away so we can not ask for his help as we figure out how it all works.


after much frustration and tears I finally figured out how to export what we needed from our filmmaker programs, and make it work properly, got our filmmaker server up and running moved the files to it and broke the relationship between the two files, and have not been able to get them speaking to each other since. I have no idea how I broke it or how to fix it, Please please please some one have a simple magical answer to our problems....


When I moved it my mother also asked me to change the name so she wouldn't get confused, I made a copy of ND_YPCHG renamed it to USE_THIS_ND_YPCHG and uploaded it, and I think in doing that I broke things... So I took "USE_THIS_ND_YPCHG" down in hopes that just importing the information into ND_YPCHG would work but it seemed after doing that the relation ship between ND_YPCHG and ND_YP was broken... I also changed some colors to try and make it easier for her to understand what program to enter things into... but I don't think that could break relationships.



ND_YP is where I export the file from, ND_YPCHG is where we import the information...