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Does upload affect access to hosted FM?

Question asked by dataWolf on May 1, 2018

Our database is hosted in AWS.

We are choosing a new internet provider. Normally I would go with Asymmetrical for the fast download (and slow upload). Our database access is slow. It must sort through many records to display a membership record. Does our upload speed affect this much? My guess would be no because the slowness is sending all the records to my desktop to sort (download), but I don't think there is a lot of data going back to the database (upload) during a query or screen update, that is slowed down by slow upload. I'm not talking about uploading records or anything, I am talking simply about moving to the next record and it takes 45 seconds to draw the fields on the screen.

Can anyone confirm or deny that upload is not the bottleneck that slows down access to an offsite database?

My choices are 100/12 or 30/30