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Portals within Lists

Question asked by redoctopus on May 2, 2018
Latest reply on May 3, 2018 by globe11123

Hi , I need to create a layout which has 2 levels of lists. Example if you had a parent layout / table called "House" and then had a large Portal in it for the child table called "Rooms" , then a portal / sub table within that called "Furniture".  Ideally I need to see the list of Furniture items when on the House layout - not click to another layout.


But you can't put a portal within a portal.  My workaround idea was to make House layout be a List View , put all the other into / tab section into the Header , and then have a List for the Rooms, on a portal within that.  So far the List is showing the Rooms for all Houses , not just the House I want to see . I think I neeed to create a script here  (feel free to help with this) that makes a variable of the current House ID , and does a find to just the Rooms with that foreign ID . Script will run as soon as you go to the layout.


It seems a little unorthodox solution though. Wondering if there are better techniques to display that 2 levels of list / portal within a list / portal?  Or any tips to get the portal within a list on a specific house page working correctly?


Thanks so much.