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RunTime Suggestion Needed

Question asked by MacUserDan on May 2, 2018
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I just ran into a problem and would welcome a few suggestions on how to work around it:


I have built a small application for single use on a single computer for a non-profit. I built this several years ago and when I can't go to the event and take my computer, I've made a runtime program, transferred it via a .zip file using dropbox, wetransfer, or even a memory stick. All has worked fine until this year! All of a sudden, the runtime will only open and run on my computer! Either we get the "unknown developer" message or the "cannot find the main file" message.  I need to send this program to the person that will be running it for the one day it is used. Here's the setup:


IMac OSx 10.13.4

FM Pro 14 Advanced -14.1.6


From the discussions I have read on this forum, it appears one needs to register as a developer and build a .dmg for installation. I only develop things for myself (with this exception) so developer registration / fees are not an option.


I though that maybe I should upgrade to FM16 but see that it hasn't been checked out with OSx 10.14. If I did upgrade, I feel it would be necessary to verify the entire application before sending it on to the user just to prevent red faces in case of a problem.


Installing FM Pro on the other person's computer could be a possibility but ... who pays for the FM for a one shot? Remember it is for a non-profit.


It's too late to tell them NO. I'm sure it will be the last year I do this for them.

No good deed goes unpunished.


Any suggestions to make things work?