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Discussion created by grabo on May 3, 2018
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I have three tables
table A - record1 - record2
table A pk_id :: tableA = fk_id :: tableB
table B with various fields: E, F, G, H ...
table C
table C pk_id :: table C = fk_id tableB

in table A I can generate records and I have inserted a portal that contains more rows with values of E, F, G, H ...

table C is structured as A

if in Table A I wanted to generate a record in C with a script containing the same elements I have this difficulty:
how can I copy all the lines of the portal?
In fact, I have generated a script with many variables that I insert in the new record with "set field" ... but how can I say that there can be more lines and therefore more times these values? How can I limit the copy to the exact number of lines in the portal?

I hope I have explained the problem, which I expressed in a theoretical way.