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Discussion created by richinel on May 2, 2018
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Good afternoon!


I have a question regarding the JSON-functions in FileMaker. I read some threads and discussions about this, but it still isn't very clear to me.


I'm working on a solution for my company in which we can register and document (pc, smartphone, and tablet) repairs and fixes that we do (see introduction of this thread).


Right now we're saving client information in both FileMaker and an online CRM. What we ultimately want to achieve is using just one application (FileMaker) to create, read, update and delete this information. The company behind the online CRM (Exact Online) provides an API for this in JSON-format.

We still want to use the CRM for processing invoices, but we want to use FileMaker to get and alter client details.


Any suggestions on how to achieve this?


I have worked with JSON API's in combination with PHP a couple of times, but the way FileMaker handles this differs from what I'm used too.


If you need more information, please don't hesitate to ask me.