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Script not opening .tab file after save

Question asked by ProdMan on May 2, 2018

Filemaker Pro v16.0.4.403

Windows 10 Pro v1709

Hardware: 6-core processor, 64-bit OS


Description: A script I have been using for a while suddenly won't open a tab-sep after exporting it. It will create the .tab as always, but then does nothing else.


Actions: Asked in this forum, with no workable result. Contacted Microsoft to inquire why .tab files are not included in the default file formats for Word, when that application has always easily opened such files. Response is that .tab files are not a protocol recognised by Microsoft Word. Tried saving with different paths (e.g., desktop) to make sure that was not the issue. Tried saving .tab doc with .docx suffix (trick Word?) but Word reported it as a corrupt file format.

Workaround: Saving the .tab doc with no suffix, forcing the OS to ask what application should be used to open it; choose Word, which then opened the doc.