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Relationship based on calculated field not working

Question asked by handylandfmaccount on May 3, 2018
Latest reply on May 4, 2018 by beverly

Product and version

Filemaker Pro

OS and version

Windows Server 2008


We have a relationship based on a calculated field that doesn't work as expected. We checked the values of the calculated field and there definitely should be records in the portal, but there aren't.

How to replicate

Create two tables, TableA and TableB.

TableA Fields: ZC_TRUE (calculation, global storage, '1'), id (text, any unique id)

TableB Fields: id_TableA (text), FieldA ( text ), ZC_VALID (calculation, 'IsValid ( GetFieldName ( Evaluate ( FieldA ) ) )' )

Relationship: TableA::id = TableB::id_TableA, TableA::ZC_TRUE ≠ TableB::ZC_VALID

Create a record for Table A and two for Table B that each contain the id of Table A in TableB::id_TableA. Put "TableA::id" as text in the TableB::FieldA in one record and "TableAAAA" in the other record. The field ZC_VALID should be 1 the first and 0 for the second record. Therefore the second record should be found through the relationship, but it isn't.