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Optimal indexing for UUID Keys

Question asked by twelvetens on May 3, 2018
Latest reply on May 4, 2018 by bigtom

There's been some discussion on here about pro's and cons of using Numeric serial number or UUID strings stored as Text for keys.

I'm not interested in the choice of which one is best - I have to use UUID keys as text because I'm importing a large data set of related tables from an external source, and that's the way they've been designed


My issue is performance. I'm working with tables where the number of records ranges from 100K to 1.5M records.


I'm storing the UUID keys in text fields in filemaker. I have to do a load of calculations built around the relationships between these tables, so these keys have to be indexed, and the performance is getting slower and slower as these tables grow.


I've set the keys to be indexed 'Minimally' and 'Where Required' - but I'm just wondering if there's any other tweaks I can do to improve performance here, whilst still retaining the integrity of the inter table relationships.


Any input gratefully received!