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Add new records to a portal with existing records with dynamic fields?

Question asked by tdennis on May 3, 2018
Latest reply on May 11, 2018 by planteg

My database is setup like this:




I have an "Asset_Component" portal to show records from Component and child tables under Component.

The first field has a foreign key pop up list that "shows values from second field." This works if I want to show existing components.

Is there any way to keep this capability, but retain the ability to also add new component records to the portal and edit their fields such as component size and weight.


The issue: If I pick a component from the pop-up and edit a field, it edits every record that I used that same drop down record in. I want to be able to able to pick from the list and be able to edit associated fields without the change carrying over to the next record with the same drop down. Some of the popups have information where the info isn't dynamic, so I would want it to stay as is.


There will be 3000 components, so this dropdown is going to get crazy and confusion really quickly. i.e. component 1 might be 30inches, but component 2 is 32inches, then I want component 3 to be whatever I type into the size field in that portal.


Check out the attached screenshot of my relationships graph to see if that provides some understanding.

(I'm not even sure if that product table is in the right place..smh)