Global Fields Crossed?

Discussion created by zandor1960 on May 4, 2018
Latest reply on May 4, 2018 by SteveMartino

I have a template I use for sending emails using the SMTPit plugin.  Some of the fields, namely From Email Address, Subject, and Body are global fields.  I always duplicate the template and rename them.  I had two very similar emails going so I was working on both files open at the same time.  They had different From Email Addresses.  I sent the first one and it was correct.  When I sent the second one it picked up the From Email Address from the first file.  While the files were named differently the field names were all named the same.  I logged in as the same user.  I know each user has their own "global value" but what about the same user with two or more files with the same global field names?  Any way these global fields got crossed?