Switching privilege set has no effect

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Product and version

  1. FileMaker Pro
  2. Filemaker Server



  1. Win 7
  2. Windows Server 2016 Standard



Switching a users privilege set, to disallow modifying the current layout, while the user is logged in, doesn't have any effect. The user can still make modifications to the layout.


How to replicate

  1. We have a client server scenario.
  2. User is logged in and allowed to modify the layout he/she is currently on.
  3. While User is logged in, an admin changes the users privilege set from PrivAllow to PrivForbid. PrivForbid allows to only view the layout the user is currently on.
  4. The user can still make modifications to the layout



The following workarounds are not relevant in a live environment.


  1. User re-logins
  2. User switches layout in currently open window. This prohibits him from making modifications, but user is allowed to enter "Layout mode"