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Execute SQL very slow to fetch from Table with 287 Fields

Question asked by AlyDewji on May 6, 2018
Latest reply on May 7, 2018 by wimdecorte

I am running FM Server 16 and FM Clients on a WAN Network.

Typical Ping is:  3-15ms


My database contains a table with 287 Fields.


I am trying to run an execute SQL to fetch UUIDs from this table with 287 fields.


It is taking ages.  What am I doing wrong.


All fields that it is referenced to are uncalculated, indexed, throughout the chain.


ExecuteSQL ( " Select ( \"_kf_DTPR UUID\" )

from \"@DTPR__DTPR\"

where \"UUID_RL_Loading_List\" IS NULL

and \"Lookup_Current Corridor\" = ?


"" ;

"" ;

"Dar es Salaam Corridor")


This is my simple SQL statement.


Please help me as it is driving me crazy.