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Your best workaround for a part AFTER grand summary part.

Question asked by Cécile on May 4, 2018
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Here is what i have as a report:


Title Header - Company

header - company

Grand Summary - Client



          Category 2

          subtotal C2 (summary)

          Subtotal C1 (summary)

Trailing sub summary (to get a space between the last subtotal and the line delineating the begginning of the grand total!) with a fake summary field

Grand summary  (several lines for discount, subtotal taxes grand total and deposit)

I NEED ANOTHER BODY PART HERE (Client needs to have the Terms and conditions and a few more things layed out)


Title Footer


I have tried putting the Terms and Conditions in the Grand summary part but it creates a lot of issues: I have to allow it to break across page boundaries so depending where my Grand Total is on the page, its parts may end up separated. If i don't allow it to break across, it jumps to the next page with the trailing text.


So I have thought of 2 strategies:

1) putting it in the body  (I need to figure out how to hide it for all but the last record) and using any trailing subsummary or grand summary for the terms and conditions

2) putting it in the footer with the normal footer and figuring out how to make it appear only on the last page since Footers don't resize.


What is your workaround?