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Filemaker Server16 Remote Containers

Question asked by arnojansen1 on May 6, 2018
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I have filemaker server 16 up and running but run into some strange things.


I have setup remote containers (thanks wimdecorte in my database before I loaded my file to filemaker server.

Before upload:

I was abel to create separate folders to store images and pdf's in via:

"Filemaker/ file/ manage/ containers/ " and then in the field calculation select this directory (store remotely)


Working in filemaker server I realise I need some more locations to store different type of files in a different directory.


BUT, when I go to "Filemaker/ file/ manage/ containers/ " I am unable to add a NEW location, it shows [hosted....etc]


Where can I create more locations? Is it still possible in the admin console and how do i do this?


thanks again for your help