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Looking for advice on the best way to secure files for my tech consulting firm.

Question asked by phixer on May 6, 2018
Latest reply on May 16, 2018 by techt

Hi all,


I'm new to this forum. Used FMP back in 2004 and am back at it again. I've been running my tech consulting firm for almost 9 years now, specializing in Apple products and networks, but open to all. Now that my business is growing beyond a core group of people I'd consider, exemplary, I'm forced to extend my trust to new hires beyond my inner circles. Or rather, not trust and lock down my years of hard work.


My goal is to have the usual customer information such as billing, inventory, passwords, specifics about repairs and all of my proprietary consulting methods locked down. I would like to have employees given access to customers as they earn trust and are assigned sed customer. Even then, some customer data needs to be locked down. So merely prohibiting access to a table isn't enough.


Initially, I'm thinking something like this for starters, a simple password database. A table for each client making it easy to limit access by table. Linked to a customer database of similar specs. Jobs would be linked to the customer database and would also have tables for each customer. Thinking there's a boolean or another calculation that can prevent access to sensitive records in a client table? Years after a record is made, it needs to be easy to add a new user and allow them access to a single or group of records. Or to tables while disallowing access to specific records.


I haven't seen anything specific to this in my hours of searching the forum and web. Hoping for some direction on a solid path to follow. Business is great and solid but humble overall, I'll be learning this myself or going back to Apple Pages documents for everything, LOL.


I'm deploying the DB; to start, on a desktop Mac sharing from FMP 16 client to a few iOS clients over local network and VPN connection––ONLY. This is for internal use only, never shared over the web without a VPN tunnel.


Thanks, love all the info here.