Off layout fill color

Discussion created by orbitpro on May 6, 2018
Latest reply on May 8, 2018 by ThierryGuemboura

I have a FM solution that is sized to work with a variety of devices / resolutions, etc.  The layouts are all 1280 pixels x 835 pixels and I used Resize to Fit option on the Adjust Window script step when opening the file.  I found this size / ratio to be a good compromise for the laptop and desktop computers we use at our work.


The sizing is not quite perfect for an iPad though so it will show a grey bar at the bottom of the screen as the layout is a bit short for that aspect ratio.  I can control the color of the background or parts but this only works for 'on layout' parts.


Is there a way to adjust the color of the 'off layout' background.  This way my solution will be able to cope with all the various screen ratios.  I have around 175 layouts so don't really want to create a duplicate set with an alternate ratio suitable for iPads.


If I can work this out then I can also use the same technique for the new iPhone X ratio.


Maybe there is another way of handling this but controlling the color would work well for my solution.