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Thumbnail Storage Size Question

Question asked by mikeo'neil on May 5, 2018
Latest reply on May 5, 2018 by bigtom

I am trying to understand a few things about Containers. I have a solution that scripts the insertion of a Thumbnail into a Container Field. The Photos are about 5 megs or so in size each. My test photos were 5.6 & 5.2 megs in size.


I am using  GetThumbNail(Photo::MyPhoto, 110, 90) to resize the image, and the new file size is 4,723 & 4,015 for the two images.


Now, If I were to embed the images without GetThumbNail my file size would noticeably increase.


Using External Secure Storage and the GetThumbNail I am not observing a sizable increase in file size.


I expected a size increase in the External Storage folders but did not observe a sizable file size increase.


So I guess my question is, does the GetThumbNail reduce the physical size (storage) of the image down from 5 megs to 4,723 this much?


Or does the External Storage reduce the size this much?


And is what I am observing with Storage Size normal?


I have read what I could find but still have questions.