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How do I most efficiently go about serving live data to a third party?

Question asked by kristofferprosonas on May 7, 2018
Latest reply on May 7, 2018 by bigtom

My task:

To create a solution for a dart tournament, where a single user (the one owning the tournament) is able to create tournaments, players, days, matches and everything related to a dart match. Specific data from this solution needs to be available to odds providers live when a match is ongoing.


So far:

I have built the database with all the different relationships and made the app. I can go through an entire dart match with all the logic needed for that. Everything is submitted into various records depending on relationships and so on. Basically the whole database is ready to be used with layouts and everything for creation of data. I don’t have Filemaker Cloud running yet.


My issue:

I am not entirely sure where to go from here. My guess is to utilise the Data API from Filemaker Cloud, however I am not sure where to even begin. I have no idea how difficult using the API to serve live match data is. Another option I’ve looked into without much luck is using ODBC or JDBC, but as with the Data API, I am not sure where to begin, as this is my first creation in filemaker. Furthermore, I am unsure of the limitations of the Data API or ODBC/JDBC.


TL;DR: I need to publish live data with minimal delay (at most 2-3 seconds) to a third party and I am not sure where to begin. I would love some input to help me  along.


I tried finding similar questions, but I couldn't seem to find any. Please refer me to it, if this has already been discussed. Thanks!