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How do you scrape the resulting content of the webviewer?

Question asked by amallo on May 6, 2018
Latest reply on May 10, 2018 by fmpdude

I have a webviewer on an iPad layout. The URL behind the webviewer is a $$global displaying the html source code data. The source code has base64 fonts and css making the source code end up displaying to the reader different fonts with different styles. It looks great.

The end user would like to print this web page out. I can't just put the web viewer on a page and print it as it might be less then half a page or over 4 pages long. And I don't want to create a layout 5 pages long and have it print the small bits of text with 4 blank pages at the end. Shrink content to fit doesn't work in this case on the webviewer.

Is it possible to scrape, not the source code, but the resulting styled text and put it in a field and then print the field that can then be shrunk up to fit content? I know that MBS plugin has a function that might do this on the desktop, but this is on the iPad.

Is there some javascript I can add to the page and call it to possibly save to the clipboard or a field etc.?