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Send Event in Windows 10 suddenly bringing up “how do you want to open this file?”

Question asked by jeffest on May 7, 2018
Latest reply on May 7, 2018 by jeffest

I’ve been developing an app for a year now without any problems running executables from my script using “Send Event” until yesterday, when attempting to run the program “Swithmail.exe” suddenly started bringing up the Windows message “how do you want to run this file”. Apparently I did something to my system but I have no idea what.


I’ve tried resetting to default file associations, I tried patching the registry with something that was supposed to fix .exe issues and I ran sfc /scannow which told me everything was fine. I’m signed in as Administrator but I’ve also noticed since yesterday that Windows is asking me for approval to run executable files from the desktop that used to run without such permission, so I guess that would be a big clue for some experts as to how I fix this.


Hope someone can help and thanks in advance.



Windows 10 / Filemaker 13