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Working with "encoded meaning" identifiers

Question asked by kundy on May 7, 2018
Latest reply on May 9, 2018 by philmodjunk

Hi FileMakers,


I'm brand new to this software and am wondering how to generate a series of "encoded meaning" identifiers. The reason I need to make these is, to quote philmodjunk, "for printing labels where some people reading the info need to be able to decode key details from a label where there isn't enough space to simply print out all of the information in plain text." In this case, the specific application is for labels on small, plastic test tubes. I would like to have a series of initial identifiers from a field (linked in a separate table?) called "DNA type" like DNA-A, DNA-B, and DNA-C. Then, have another field that assigns a specific serial number that ascends based on the initial identifier specified in the record. E.g. if I input "DNA-A" into the "DNA type" field of a new record, and I have 20 existing records with the same "DNA-A" label, the field will output DNA-A21. How should I go about setting this up? I'm so green I will probably require links to detailed descriptions.


Thanks in advance for any direction!