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Select a random number of records per field value

Question asked by Jakedeg on May 7, 2018
Latest reply on May 7, 2018 by DrewTenenholz

I have 14,000 records of people. The people each belong to 1 of 406 different groups. The group

ID number is stored in a field on each person's record. Some groups have 5 people in them, other groups have 40 people in them, and anywhere in between. I need to generate a selection that includes 10% of the random people from EACH group, with a minimum number of 1 per group. So if a group has 5 people, I would need to select one random person and if a group has 40 people I would need to select 4 random people. My goal is a selection set of 1400-1500 records.


I'm a little stumped on how to figure this out. Any suggestions?