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RESTfm Perform Script with a long Script Parameter

Question asked by FMCostaRica on May 7, 2018
Latest reply on May 25, 2018 by james_quiggins



I need to perform a script using RESTfm from a PHP file inside WordPress, I have done this already and works like a charm, but if the JSON Script Parameter passed via the URL is very long the data gets cut out and when the Script performs in FileMaker it doesn't work because the JSON parameter is missing data.


I read in the RESTfm documentation: Pure data (POST, PUT) – RESTfm that the way to go may be to use Pure data (POST, PUT) as there are no limits to the data that can be passed, however their example does not show how to pass the data, I have tried my best for a while but I am lost, any help will be greatly appreciated, for testing I am using Postman, I believe I need to pass the parameter and maybe the script name but again no luck yet, I get error 404 or 500.